What Can You Do?

Note: We are just setting this site up. It will soon be full of educational resources to support the documentary film Inside Suriname (2012).

Many people ask how they can make a difference. Here’s just a quick bullet point list of how you might get involved:

  • Dontate to Suriname Indigenous Health Fund (SIHF), a nonprofit organization who continues to work on the problem and supports local grassroots leaders in Suriname. Here’s a link:http://sihfund.org/index.htm.
  • Stop buying gold. Between 65% and 80% of all gold produced worldwide is used to make Jewelry.
  • If you continue to buy gold, buy ethically clean gold (which is very hard to track, but some organizations are trying to). There are many issues with gold besides the mercury and cyanide problem. Here’s another issue with gold: http://rockcenter.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/12/05/9213056-digging-for-gold-children-work-in-harsh-conditions-paid-with-bags-of-dirt?lite
  • Organize a gold donation campaign to support SIHF.
  • Start a letter writing campaign. SIHF recommends to write letters stating that you do not agree with the how development through IIRPA is impacting interior communities in the Amazon Basin. Send them to your congress representatives and to the US ambassador in Suriname. Here’s a starting point to learn more: http://www.lapress.org/articles.asp?item=1&art=5610 and http://www.lapress.org/articles.asp?art=5979
  • Get involved with the distribution and marketing strategy for the the film. Social Media Advocate? Writer? Coordinator? Talk with Jerry or Machelle Hartman infoATeclecticreel.org.
  • Contact SIHF and volunteer your support: sihfundATsihfund.org.